Jordan A. Davis

Dynapower has specialized in power conversion solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications since 1963. These applications include energy storage, mining, metal finishing, chemical production and magnetic silencing and much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the applications that our systems power.

Metal Finishing

Dynapower offers a complete line of custom and standard rectifiers to meet all of your plating and metal finishing needs. Our designs have a host of cooling and control options to meet the demands of your operation. We offer both SCR and SMPS rectifiers–which are backed by unparalleled technical support and documentation. Plated consumer products that Dynapower’s rectifiers have helped power the process of include:

  • Airplane, car, and motorcycle parts
  • Metal baseball bats
  • Non-stick pan coatings
  • Oscar statuettes
  • Surgical equipment
  • Consumer Electronics

Water Treatment

Our rectifier systems help produce chlorine that is used in wastewater treatment facilities to cleanse water. Not only is it important to create clean drinking water, but it’s also essential to treat wastewater before it’s dumped into non-local water sources. We have installed energy storage in wastewater and desalination facilities to help power water treatment facilities in California and the Caribbean.

Ballast Water Treatment 

The ballast water from ships can introduce invasive species into ocean, river, and port waters–posing a real threat to the marine ecosystem. Ballast water treatment methods remove foreign microbes and species from water to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Our ballast water treatment rectifiers are enclosed with purpose-built stainless steel. These enclosures have been tested and built to withstand extremely harsh salt water conditions. We also install springs at the base of the units to mitigate the natural rocking that occurs at sea.

Electrowinning of Copper

The copper electrowinning process transforms copper ore into market-ready plates. Dynapower is the leading manufacturer of rectifiers for electrowinning, and we specialize in chopper and thyristor rectifiers. These rectifiers are essential to the electrowinning process. Copper ores are placed in the tank and electrolytic solution is pumped in. Dynapower’s rectifier passes an electrical current through the tank, and the ores come together to form large plates ready for market.

Copper produced through the electrowinning process helps make our lives better, allowing us to make and build everything from:

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Phones
  • Heating systems
  • Televisions
  • Pipes

Military Applications

Dynapower offers customized solutions to suit the power supply needs of the U.S. military and military contractors.


We provide power conversion equipment for the following military applications:

  • Air Force fighter jets and planes: We design and build frequency converters that allow for jets to be connected with the local electric grid for power while on the tarmac or gate terminal.
  • Defensive patriot missile systems for the U.S. Army: These defense systems target and neutralize enemy missiles with forward position missiles to minimize destruction and injury.
  • Boats in the U.S. Navy: Our custom transformers help power Navy ships while in port, allowing them to turn off their diesel engines.

Dynapower’s equipment does more than power electric systems! We have helped LH8 and LH9 destroyers convert from diesel engines to electrical systems.

Our rectifiers are also used in submarine deperming. The Earth’s magnetic field can leave a unique magnetic signature on ships, which make them easy to both sense and identify. Magnetic Silencing Facilities implement magnetic silencing, or degaussing, processes to erase this magnetic signature. Dynapower’s rectifiers power the controllable magnetic fields that remove or obscure the magnetic signature.

Island Nations

Many areas without established power grids use diesel generators as a primary or backup power source. This includes island nations, which also rely on diesel generators after hurricanes and heavy storms have caused damage to standing power grids.

Dynapower installs microgrids as an alternative to reliance on diesel allowing island nations to turn off polluting diesel gen sets and rely on clean reliable energy for their power needs. Resorts, island nations, and military installations benefit from microgrids, especially in the following applications:

  • Clean Water: Dynapower’s rectifiers provide power for purifying drinking water and desalinizing ocean water.
  • Power: These microgrids include large solar and energy storage installations. Each microgrid can be customized to power bases or resorts of different sizes.

Dynapower Solutions for Your Power Management Project

Dynapower produces specialized rectifiers and energy storage systems that are built to suit a variety of applications. Each piece of equipment is built to last in extreme environments and to perform reliably for years to come. In other words, we are used to designing purpose-built products that excel in all types of environments–whether it be harsh marine conditions or a stuffy manufacturing facility.

Our gear is backed by 24/7 technical support and a complete suite of aftermarket services from our trained technicians around the globe. We offer spare parts, rectifier refurbishment and a solid preventative maintenance program.

At Dynapower, our team will work with you one-on-one to create a personalized solution for your power conversion needs. The best fit for your operation may be a standard solution, or we can use the standard solution as a building block to create a system tailored to your exact needs.

Contact Dynapower today to learn more about our solutions or request a quote to get started on your next power management project!