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3 Reasons to Meet With Dynapower at Solar Power International

As part of the North America Smart Energy Week, Solar Power International will be taking place in Salt Lake City from September 23rd through the 26th and Dynapower is proud to be a part of this excellent event.

Solar Power International will be hosting the largest gathering of solar industry professionals and vendors in the country. We will be posted up at Booth 3431 throughout the week and would love to discuss our next generation of energy storage systems with you!

Here are three reasons to come visit us at SPI.

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Jordan A. Davis

The 3 Types of Maintenance Approaches for Industrial Rectifiers

When it comes to preventative maintenance for industrial rectifiers, there are three levels that we most often see. By understanding these three levels of preventative maintenance and determining what category you fall into, you can begin thinking about how you can adopt new a higher-tiered strategy to save money and become more active rather than reactive.

Level I: Reactive Maintenance 

The reactive form of preventive maintenance is akin to going in for an oil change every 3000 miles. You do it because that’s what you’re told to do. You don’t perform any checks or maintenance on your vehicle other than changing whatever the manufacturer tells you to change.

The reactive maintenance approach basically involves taking action only when a problem has arisen. “When your equipment is down and there’s flames and smoke and downtime, you call us to fix it,” says Dynapower’s Repairs Supervisor Remington Schieffer.

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Jordan A. Davis

Dynapower Company Video: Who We Are

Since 1963, Dynapower has been a leader in the development and production of purpose-built solutions in the power conversion industry.

Our vast array of products–which include energy storage systems, inverters, DC converters, rectifiers and custom transformers–are designed and built in our 150,000 square foot vertically integrated facility right here in South Burlington, Vermont.

The video below provides a great insight into who we are and what we’re about:

Jordan A. Davis

SCR vs. SMPS Rectifiers: A Maintenance Perspective

Recently, we covered the three main considerations to weigh when buying a rectifier. Now, let’s dive a little deeper and shed some light a common debate in the world of rectifiers. We’re speaking of course about SCR vs SMPS rectifiers. As you will see, the ultimate differences and similarities may surprise you.

First, let’s run through the characteristics of these two classes of rectifiers. A silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) is a semiconductor power supply that meters electricity by opening electrical “valves,” working together as a team, to rectify electricity. The longer the “valve” is open, the higher the voltage leaving the rectifier will be.


SCR rectifiers are variable voltage DC power supplies that are low frequency, high ripple systems. These systems are rugged and have a history of durability in the market – a number of our customers have systems running after 40 or 50 years. They regulate and react steadily, carry a lot of power in big copper windings, and are fairly easy to troubleshoot with large, easy-to-identify components.

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Passing of Dear Friend and Colleague Ken Ziemann

Ken Ziemann, our colleague, and friend passed away on August 9th. He was 62 … far too young to leave so soon. Ken had a long and amazing work life, virtually all of it spent in the world of large electrical equipment. He was a rare breed and we are proud that he spent his last years with us — his Dynapower family.

He leaves an amazing legacy. His memory as well as drive to keep every bit of information on design, test, and construction of his work is known by all who knew and worked with him. Drawings, designs, proposals, even test reports, were kept and cataloged. It is always amazing to learn their value now. We continue his tradition today; designing and building the next generation of high power transformer rectifiers.

Ken traveled the world, always willing and ready to go wherever the job required. He relished the opportunity to be with customers, many times knowing them for decades. Recently we learned of an opportunity to upgrade equipment that is 30 years old, still running but in need of modernization. Of course, the original equipment was designed, built, tested and started in the field by Ken. He had a deep passion for his work. He was proud of his designs and loved watching the team build what he designed, always there watching, teaching, making sure it was done right. His name was on every transformer, every big rectifier, and he was proud of that.

It was well earned.

A work ethic like what Ken brought every day is hard to find. He lived in actions, showing his team hard work and dedication — every day, day after day.

We will remember him.

We will miss him.

We will continue to value what he brought to us every day.

And, we thank him and his family for the time he spent with us.

and the entire Dynapower family.

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Dynapower DC Converters Awarded 2018 ees AWARD at Electrical Energy Storage Europe

This week Dynapower was awarded a prestigious innovation award at the Electrical Energy Storage conference in Munich, Germany for our DPS line of DC-DC converters for utility-scale solar plus storage. The 2018 ees AWARD recognizes Dynapower’s innovation in energy storage with the introduction last year of the first commercially deployed DC-DC converters for utility-scale solar plus storage in the United States. The DPS family of DC converters reduces the costs of coupling energy storage as well as increases energy production of utility-scale solar arrays to maximize installation economics.

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Dynapower & Viridity Enter Master Supplier Agreement

The First 40MWs of Energy Storage Bound for New Jersey as Part of Agreement

Dynapower, a global leader in energy storage, is pleased to announce it has reached a master supplier agreement with Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc. to supply inverters and fully-integrated energy storage systems for utility-scale and behind the meter energy storage projects.  The first projects Viridity chose Dynapower for are two 20MW/20MWh stand-alone in-front-of-the-meter battery energy storage installations in New Jersey scheduled to come online in 2018.  These projects totaling 40MWs were designed and will be financed, constructed, owned and operated by Viridity.

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Dynapower Deploys First DPS-250 DC-to-DC Converters

Dynapower Company, the world leader in energy storage inverters and converters, is pleased to announce the first deployments of its patent-pending, UL-listed DPS-250 DC Converters in utility-scale solar plus storage projects in the Southeastern United States. The deployment of the DC Converters at three project sites are with two of the nation’s largest independent power producers.

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Dynapower Awarded New Patent for Grid Resiliency Technology

Dynapower, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of energy storage inverters and fully-integrated energy storage systems, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a patent for its Dynamic Transfer technology which enables grid resiliency for its utility and commercial & industrial customers. The patented technology enables the seamless transition of an energy storage system with a Dynapower inverter from grid-tied to backup battery power in the event of a grid disturbance.

“This technology enables our utility customers and their ratepayers to have increased energy surety and provides resiliency from energy storage systems using Dynapower energy storage inverters,” said Chip Palombini, sales manager for Dynapower’s Energy Storage Group.

Dynapower’s Dr. Apurva Somani, R & D Lead, and Palombini are inventors of United States patent 9.819,190. Dynamic Transfer was designed to address energy resiliency issues, and more importantly, to ensure power surety for utilities and commercial and industrial users of Dynapower energy storage inverters and systems.

This is critical as the Electric Power Research Institute estimates that the economic costs of power outages amount to about $120 billion annually in the United States.

“Dynamic Transfer can help reduce the economic impact of power outages significantly by providing facilities with Dynapower inverters and energy storage systems the ability to seamlessly transition to backup battery power during a grid disturbance,” said Adam Knudsen, president of Dynapower, adding: “This is critically important for many facilities where even a short interruption in power can result in lost data, production time or food spoilage. Dynamic Transfer ensures their critical processes continue without interruption of power during a grid disturbance.”

Dynapower inverters and energy storage systems featuring the now-patented Dynamic Transfer capability have been installed to help power island nations with 100 percent renewables as well as help reduce the electricity bills and provide critical backup power at colleges, resorts, malls, factories, breweries, wineries, and sports stadiums.

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Renee Naud Named Director of Human Resources & Corporate Counsel

Dynapower is pleased to announce the addition of Renee Naud to the Executive Management team as the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Counsel. Her focus in leading human resources at Dynapower will be to build upon employee support and engagement. As Corporate Counsel, Naud will provide first level support of legal and contract work and serve as liaison to external legal counsel to Dynapower.

renee naud the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Counsel Dynapower Company Vermont

“Given the increasingly global and technical nature of our growing business, we are excited to have Renee as part of the Dynapower team,” said Adam Knudsen, President of Dynapower. “As a proven business leader, talent manager, and corporate counsel, her skill set will not only provide an important link between our internal engineering and sales teams and our outside legal counsels, but will help Dynapower stay on the forefront of talent recruitment, retention, and development at our facilities in Vermont and California. As we negotiate international deals and build upon our rich base of intellectual property, Renee will be key in assisting Dynapower in the growing global market.”

Prior to joining Dynapower, Naud had a 17-year career delivering legal counsel to executive leadership and driving human resources functions and regulatory compliance for a world-leading plastic packaging manufacturer.

“I am excited and honored to be joining the Dynapower team to share and learn from such a dedicated group of people,” said Naud. “From Antarctica to Qatar to Alaska, I am impressed to see the scope of Dynapower and its products and services. My passion for manufacturing makes me proud to work for a company that has managed to create world-class technology locally, and succeed on a global scale. I am very excited to contribute to Dynapower’s team and mission.”

Some of Naud’s notable previous career accomplishments include integrating the human resources department into everyday business practices, maintaining accountability standards, and providing legal and professional guidance to companies competing on the global market. “My goal for Dynapower is to be as successful as possible, with the human resources and legal departments contributing value directly to the short and long term strategic and operational objectives of the organization.” said Naud. “The scale and scope of my HR and legal experiences bring something new to Dynapower, and I look forward to applying what I’ve learned and challenging us to build on the great work that has been done both internally and externally.”

Naud was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, completing both her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Juris Doctorate at the University of Detroit. She is a licensed member in good standing of both the State of Vermont and Michigan legal bars.  She is a certified instructor trainer of ELI Civility Training, a workplace fair employment practice program, as well as an Instructor for eCornell’s online professional certificate program in Strategic Human Resources Leadership.

She lives in South Hero, Vermont with her partner, Marco. She enjoys beekeeping, baking and cooking as well as traveling and all things horsepower — motorcycling, classic cars, boating, and snowmobiling.