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New Energy Storage Financing Program

Dynapower Announces New Financing Program to Accelerate the Adoption of Behind the Meter Energy Storage Nationwide

Dynapower is proud to announce the introduction of our brand new energy storage financing program. We’ve partnered with Lease Corporation of America to bring system integrators and buyers of energy storage systems a financing program that saves money and gets your new equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Our new energy storage financing covers the equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and training costs—up to 1 million dollars—all in one simple lease. Customers are also highly encouraged to take advantage of IRS Section 179 and deduct 100% of the cost of the energy storage equipment in the first year that the equipment is put into service. Use this free tax deduction calculator to see how much your business could be saving on new energy storage equipment.

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Top 3 Considerations When Buying a New Rectifier

Rectifiers are power systems that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) power. The applications in which rectifiers are used are seemingly endless—with everything from metal finishing in the automotive and aerospace industries to mining, military defense and waste water treatment.

When it comes to purchasing a new rectifier or determining if it would be more cost effective to upgrade or refurbish, there are three main areas to consider: Process, environment and people.

Often, customers get lost in questions such as: Air vs. water-cooling? Switchmode or SCR type? Manual controls or PLC?

Like anything else in life, the more you put into researching and understanding the type of rectifier you need and more importantly why you need it—the more successful your operations will be.

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Energy Storage Microgrids: What You Need to Know

An increased focus on grid resiliency along with the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)—such as solar and wind—has made microgrids a very attractive alternative to the traditional centralized grid system. Before diving in deeper, though, let’s take a look at what differentiates microgrids from the traditional grid system.

Essentially, microgrids are small collections of loads controlled locally by a limited number of DERs, as opposed to large centralized power systems—which are operated and controlled from a centralized authority. Large centralized power systems maintain system stability through top down control and the aggregated inertia of the system.

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The Benefits of Energy Storage for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Power management represents a critical area of interest for many industrial facilities. Energy costs can be a daunting operating expense for even small companies, so identifying economical options is a high priority for many managers and executives. One answer that has been growing in popularity and effectiveness is the installation of energy storage systems

Long-duration energy storage, in particular, poses many benefits for brands struggling with energy management. Implementing such systems offers heightened control over distributed energy resources, allowing businesses to save on demand charges, provide critical backup power to protect against grid outages, and incorporate renewables and energy storage to foster more sustainable and economically sound business practices. Read more

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Renewable Energy Output Surpasses Coal for the First Time Ever

This past April marked the first month in U.S. history that renewable energy sources supplied more electricity than coal. Clean energy sources—including wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric dams—generated nearly 68.5 million megawatt-hours of power in April. Meanwhile, coal produced roughly 60 million megawatt-hours of power in the same time period, according to the Energy Information Administration (you can view the data here).


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Dynapower Helping To Power eVTOL Aviation Revolution

In a nondescript building adjacent to the Burlington International Airport and minutes away from Dynapower’s manufacturing facility in South Burlington, Vermont, a quiet aviation revolution is underway. Kyle Clark and his team at Beta Technologies are fast at work developing a battery-powered electric airplane that could revolutionize global aviation and personal transportation.

Dynapower is helping power that revolution with its energy storage power electronics.

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Helping to Power the Copper Mining Industry

This week Adam Knudsen, Dynapower President, and Abdoul Diallo, International Sales Manager, visited ASARCO in Tucson, Ariz. to discuss future projects.  A subsidiary of Groupo Mexico, one of the major copper producers in the world, ASARCO’s copper refinery process is powered by Dyanpower’s high power rectifier.

Dynapower is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chopper and thyristor rectifiers for mining and electrowinning applications. Most electrowinning units consist of a tank, pump, and rectifier, making Dyanpower a key piece of the process. Copper ores are placed in the tank and electrolytic solution is pumped in. Dynapower’s rectifier shocks the tank with electrical current, and the ores come together to form large plates ready for market. Read more

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Dynapower and Raychem RPG Advance Indian Storage Market

This week Adam Knudsen, Dynapower President, joined partners from Raychem RPG in India, at the Renewable Energy India Expo, Asia’s largest and most influential event in the renewable energy market.

Dynapower and Raychem RPG joined forces in May to bring Dynapower’s energy storage inverter technology to India and neighboring SAARC countries. “Dynapower’s differentiated technology such as its patented Dynamic Transfer, their focus on solutions, and aggressive growth mindset aligns perfectly with the Raychem RPG business model,” said Ramani Kasi, Raychem RPG President & CEO.

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Passing of Dear Friend and Colleague Ken Ziemann

Ken Ziemann, our colleague, and friend passed away on August 9th. He was 62 … far too young to leave so soon. Ken had a long and amazing work life, virtually all of it spent in the world of large electrical equipment. He was a rare breed and we are proud that he spent his last years with us — his Dynapower family.

He leaves an amazing legacy. His memory as well as drive to keep every bit of information on design, test, and construction of his work is known by all who knew and worked with him. Drawings, designs, proposals, even test reports, were kept and cataloged. It is always amazing to learn their value now. We continue his tradition today; designing and building the next generation of high power transformer rectifiers.

Ken traveled the world, always willing and ready to go wherever the job required. He relished the opportunity to be with customers, many times knowing them for decades. Recently we learned of an opportunity to upgrade equipment that is 30 years old, still running but in need of modernization. Of course, the original equipment was designed, built, tested and started in the field by Ken. He had a deep passion for his work. He was proud of his designs and loved watching the team build what he designed, always there watching, teaching, making sure it was done right. His name was on every transformer, every big rectifier, and he was proud of that.

It was well earned.

A work ethic like what Ken brought every day is hard to find. He lived in actions, showing his team hard work and dedication — every day, day after day.

We will remember him.

We will miss him.

We will continue to value what he brought to us every day.

And, we thank him and his family for the time he spent with us.

and the entire Dynapower family.

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Dynapower Launches DC-DC Converter Partner Program For Central Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Dynapower, the leading independent manufacturer of power electronics for energy storage, is pleased to announce the introduction of a DC-DC partner program for central, solar inverter manufacturers. The program enables participating central, solar inverter manufacturers to include Dynapower’s patent-pending DC-DC converters as part of their utility-scale offering.

Dynapower was the first to commercially deploy DC-DC converters in utility-scale solar plus storage application, and received the 2018 ees Award (Electrical Energy Storage) Innovation Award for its DC-DC converters.

Dynapower’s parallelable 250kW and 375kW DC-DC converters are proven to improve project economics for utility-scale solar owners. The DPS line increases energy production, and enables PV energy to be a time shifted for peak demand events… A recent NREL report cites DC-coupled approach as the most economically advantageous solution for utility-scale solar plus storage.

“We’ve had a tremendous response to our DPS line of DC-DC converters from solar developers and installation owners. We want to be sure that our technology is available to as many customers as possible so we can help accelerate the deployment of utility-scale solar, in the transition to a more sustainable grid,” said Chip Palombini, Director of Energy Storage.

Benefits of the program for participating central inverter manufacturers include access to Dynapower’s patent-pending DC-DC converter technology, OEM channel pricing, and engineering support for DC-coupled utility-scale solar plus storage projects. If you are a central solar inverter manufacturer click here to learn more.

Dynapower’s DPS-250 and DPS-375 can be paralleled to 3MW, and are available as part of a fully-integrated BESS. They have been deployed in installations in Florida and North Carolina and will be deployed in numerous other installations nationwide this year. “This is a very exciting time in solar plus storage,” said Palombini.