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Dynapower & Raychem Announce Technology Licensing Agreement

Dynapower and Raychem RPG are pleased to announce they have executed a technology transfer and licensing agreement to bring Dynapower’s energy storage inverter technology to India and neighboring SAARC countries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently hailed energy storage of solar energy in India as, “[the] next big technological revolution.”

“Dynapower is proud to work alongside Raychem RPG to help realize this revolution,” said Peter Pollak, Dynapower CEO. “For over 50 years we have deployed our power electronics around the world and pioneered the development of energy storage inverters, including the first UL-1741 listed smart inverter. We are excited to bring our technology and know-how to India as well as the SAARC countries as part of the agreement.”.

In announcing the agreement, Dynapower and Raychem RPG also announced the commissioning of India’s first 1MW microgrid featuring Dynapower’s CPS-1000 inverter at the Central Electronics Limited (CEL) facility in Sahibadad, Uttar Pradesh, India.  CEL manufactures solar-photovoltaic (SPV) cells, modules and systems. The Central Electronics Limited microgrid project is a locally controllable power system composed of distributed generation combining solar and diesel gensets alongside energy storage connected to the main grid power system. The commercial and industrial microgrid can work both in on-grid connected mode for frequency regulation, PV smoothing and peak shaving to curb CEL’s electric bills, and in “islanded” grid forming mode in the case of a grid disturbance. The system features Dynapower’s patented Dynamic Transfer technology which monitors the grid and seamlessly transitions the CEL facility from grid-tied to back up battery power in the event of a grid disturbance.

“We selected Dynapower to partner with because of their global leadership with over 400 MWs of EMS PCS installed,” said Ramani Kasi, President & CEO —Raychem RPG Ltd. “Dynapower’s differentiated technology such as its patented Dynamic Transfer as well as their agile business model, unique positioning in the C&I segment (offering both inverters and fully-integrated systems) as well as their focus on solutions and aggressive growth mindset aligns perfectly with the Raychem RPG business model.”

To date, Dynapower has supplied over 400MWs of energy storage inverters, DC-DC Converters, and fully-integrated energy storage systems worldwide. Dynapower energy storage inverters power the United States’ largest wind plus storage farm in NoTrees, Texas (36MWs), the US’ first utility-scale solar plus storage facility in Rutland, Vermont, the nation’s largest NetZero building in Los Angeles, and have been deployed to help island nations transition to be run on 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Dynapower’s MPS-250 was the first energy storage inverter to receive UL 1741 Smart Inverter designation, and Dynapower was the first to commercially deploy a DC-DC converter for utility scale solar plus storage.

Raychem RPG (P) Ltd., incorporated in 1989, is a joint Venture between TE Connectivity, U.S.A. (formerly Tyco Electronics) and RPG Enterprises, India. TE Connectivity is a $13 billion global provider of solutions in Network, Transportation, Consumers and Industrial markets for over 50 years. RPG Enterprises is one of India’s fastest growing business groups with annual revenues of $3.5 Billion. The group has more than fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in the areas of Automotive, Infrastructure, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Solar and Energy Management systems including energy storage. Raychem RPG maintains 4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India. The company has been the leader in grid connection and insulation systems for almost three decades bringing similar expertise and bank-ability to the solar segment. Raychem RPG Solar Solutions are designed to increase the ROI on solar investment.  It is also positioned to be the end-to-end solutions provider for energy storage systems. Learn more at

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Dynapower & Viridity Enter Master Supplier Agreement

The First 40MWs of Energy Storage as Part of Agreement Bound for New Jersey 

Dynapower, a global leader in energy storage, is pleased to announce it has reached a master supplier agreement with Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc. to supply inverters and fully-integrated energy storage systems for utility-scale and behind the meter energy storage projects.  The first projects Viridity chose Dynapower for are two 20MW/20MWh stand-alone in-front-of-the-meter battery energy storage installations in New Jersey scheduled to come online in 2018.  These projects totaling 40MWs were designed and will be financed, constructed, owned and operated by Viridity.

2000 kW energy storage inverter 2200 kW energy storage inverter

CPS 2200kW Energy Storage Inverter

Each New Jersey site is identical and will use Dynapower’s utility-scale CPS-2200 inverters as part of Dynapower’s IPS-2200 utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS). Dynapower’s fully integrated IPS-2200 includes inverters, batteries and enclosures, coordinating site controls and all battery thermal management. The system features AC and DC close-coupling, as well as advanced controls for battery protection during prolonged grid outages. Viridity’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and owner will utilize its market leading VPowerTM software to provide the optimization, economic value stacking and automated control of the BESS to deliver the optimal economic return.

“We are pleased to partner with Viridity with the execution of our master supplier agreement and are excited to be building our first two utility-scale projects together,” said Dynapower President Adam Knudsen. “Viridity and their parent company Ormat Technologies are perfect partners for Dynapower to work alongside to continue our expansion in both the utility-scale and behind the meter energy storage markets. We look forward to working with Viridity to further the global deployment of energy storage.”

“Combining Dynapower’s proven inverter technology along with their capabilities in providing fully integrated battery energy storage systems fully compliments Viridity’s and Ormat’s engineering project management and market leading end-to-end energy management optimization and battery storage solutions.  The combination of Dynapower’s market leading technology with Viridity’s and Ormat’s EPC and business development capabilities will drive continued growth for both companies” said Viridity Energy Solutions CEO Mack Treece. Viridity, Ormat and Dynapower worked together to define the system design for the optimal operation and control of the battery system use and health in the PJM market.

About Dynapower
Founded in 1963, with offices in So. Burlington, VT and Union City, CA, Dynapower has deployed over 400MWs of energy storage inverters, DC Converters, and fully-integrated energy storage systems worldwide. Dynapower energy storage inverters power the nation’s largest wind plus storage farm in Notrees, TX (36MWs), the nation’s first utility-scale solar-plus-storage facility in Rutland, VT, the nation’s largest NetZero building in Los Angeles, and have helped island nations transition to running on 100% renewable energy. Additionally, Dynapower’s MPS-250 was the first energy storage inverter to receive UL 1741-SA Smart Inverter designation, and the DPS-250 is the first DC-DC converter to be successfully deployed with a utility-scale PV array. In 2017, Dynapower was also granted a patent for its groundbreaking Dynamic Transfer technology which monitors the grid and seamlessly transitions a facility from grid-tied to battery backup power in the case of a grid disturbance providing critical resiliency for commercial and industrial businesses.

About Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc.
Viridity Energy Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc., is a leading battery storage and distributed generation, demand response, and demand management solution provider. Through its unique, flexible and turn-key VPowerTM software and services platform, Viridity maximizes energy revenue and savings for its customers. Viridity empowers customers to cut their electricity expenses through best-in-class proprietary peak shaving algorithms, and its market leading VPowerTM optimization software, that ensures the best economic return for each KW of flexible energy load, including generating revenue for customers in the wholesale energy markets. Viridity is a market leader in advanced distributed energy resources (“DER”) with a specific focus on battery storage and by combining the skills of Viridity with its parent company Ormat, Viridity brings to market the unique ability to provide a broad, end-to-end DER solution to customers either as a service, with no capital outlay by the customer, or as a sale.


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Dynapower Deploys First DPS-250 DC-to-DC Converters

Dynapower DPS-250


Dynapower Company, the world leader in energy storage inverters and converters, is pleased to announce the first deployments of its patent-pending, UL-listed DPS-250 DC Converters in utility-scale solar plus storage projects in the Southeastern United States. The deployment of the DC Converters at three project sites are with two of the nation’s largest independent power producers.

“For utility-scale solar developers, using a  DPS-250 to couple energy storage with their new, or existing, solar installations will increase energy production which will increase revenue and profits for the developer,” said Chip Palombini, sales manager for Dynapower’s Energy Storage Group. “The DPS-250 solar plus storage converter is a cost-effective product that enables developers to add storage to solar projects at a lower cost & higher overall efficiency than AC coupled solutions.”

Dynapower’s DPS line of patent-pending DC converters includes a bi-directional, UL-listed 250kW converter that can be paralleled to larger configurations to meet the need of utility-scale installations. A 375kW converter with the same capabilities as the 250kW is available as well. Dynapower’s DC converters are designed to be the most cost-effective option for coupling utility-scale solar and energy storage for both existing and new installations.

“With over 400MWs of energy storage inverters deployed worldwide, Dynapower has a long history of innovation in energy storage,” said Adam Knudsen, president of Dynapower. “Our DPS line of patent-pending DC converters is another example of our passion for innovation, and facilitates a cost-effective solution to reliably integrating a higher percentage of renewable energy within our nation’s power grid to further lessen our dependency on fossil fuels.”

As of December 2016, there was more than 21.5 GWs of utility-scale solar in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That number is expected to double by 2020. Because its availability depends on exposure to the sun, standalone solar is an intermittent non-dispatchable asset. Coupling energy storage with utility-scale solar makes PV-generated energy dispatchable, and an available asset to the grid when the sun is not shining.

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Dynapower Awarded New Patent for Grid Resiliency Technology

Dynapower, the world’s leading independent manufacturer of energy storage inverters and fully-integrated energy storage systems, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a patent for its Dynamic Transfer technology which enables grid resiliency for its utility and commercial & industrial customers. The patented technology enables the seamless transition of an energy storage system with a Dynapower inverter from grid-tied to backup battery power in the event of a grid disturbance.

“This technology enables our utility customers and their ratepayers to have increased energy surety and provides resiliency from energy storage systems using Dynapower energy storage inverters,” said Chip Palombini, sales manager for Dynapower’s Energy Storage Group.

Dynapower’s Dr. Apurva Somani, R & D Lead, and Palombini are inventors of United States patent 9.819,190. Dynamic Transfer was designed to address energy resiliency issues, and more importantly, to ensure power surety for utilities and commercial and industrial users of Dynapower energy storage inverters and systems.

This is critical as the Electric Power Research Institute estimates that the economic costs of power outages amount to about $120 billion annually in the United States.

“Dynamic Transfer can help reduce the economic impact of power outages significantly by providing facilities with Dynapower inverters and energy storage systems the ability to seamlessly transition to backup battery power during a grid disturbance,” said Adam Knudsen, president of Dynapower, adding: “This is critically important for many facilities where even a short interruption in power can result in lost data, production time or food spoilage. Dynamic Transfer ensures their critical processes continue without interruption of power during a grid disturbance.”

Dynapower inverters and energy storage systems featuring the now-patented Dynamic Transfer capability have been installed to help power island nations with 100 percent renewables as well as help reduce the electricity bills and provide critical backup power at colleges, resorts, malls, factories, breweries, wineries, and sports stadiums.

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Adam Knudsen to Serve on the Governor’s Climate Action Commission

Solar Plus Storage at Stafford Hill Solar Farm

Solar Plus Storage Installation at Stafford Hill Solar Farm in Rutland, VT

Dynapower, the leading independent supplier of energy storage solutions, is honored to announce that Adam Knudsen, President, will be serving on Governor Phil Scott’s Climate Action Commission.

“We are very excited to have Adam Knudsen and the team at Dynapower be a part of the Commission’s important work.  The company is on the cutting edge, leading the low carbon economy.  This is a Vermont-based manufacturing company building the foundation for the strong climate action-based economy Governor Scott envisions,” said Peter Walke, deputy secretary of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

The goal of the Vermont Climate Action Commission is to develop solutions that grow the state’s economy by providing solutions for climate change, put Vermonters on a path to great affordability, and not leave vulnerable Vermonters behind.

According to scientists at NASA and around the globe, global climate change is already having adverse effects worldwide. The potential future effects of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought, and an increase in the number, duration, and intensity of tropical storms.

“Dynamically enhancing our grid to reliably integrate as much clean renewable energy as possible is one of the keys to addressing climate change, both here in Vermont and abroad,” said Knudsen. “Energy storage is key to optimizing the use of energy on the grid, including the large scale integration of renewables into the grid.”

Dynapower’s energy storage inverters are installed on the island of Ta’u in American Samoa as part of a solar power and battery storage-enabled microgrid.

Knudsen will leverage Dynapower’s extensive experience in smart grid energy storage to contribute to and progress the objectives of the Climate Action Commission. Dynapower has connected over 375MW of energy storage inverters worldwide, including in Vermont at Stafford Hill and at its corporate headquarters in South Burlington. Installations with Dynapower inverters and energy storage systems have helped strengthen electric grids in several states including Vermont, California, Hawaii and Texas; provided backup power for critical facilities; reduced electricity bills for ratepayers; and enabled island nations to be run completely from renewable energy.


“We are proud to be on the forefront of such a transformative technology as energy storage that is already positively impacting communities around the globe. We are particularly proud to be doing this from Vermont, and to now bring that expertise to bear on Vermont’s approach to combating climate change, and help to create jobs in Vermont, is extremely gratifying,” said Knudsen. “The entire Dynapower team stands behind the Governor in supporting this important effort to chart a course forward for Vermont’s economy and the well-being of all Vermonters, and the planet.”

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Renee Naud Named Director of Human Resources & Corporate Counsel

Dynapower is pleased to announce the addition of Renee Naud to the Executive Management team as the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Counsel. Her focus in leading human resources at Dynapower will be to build upon employee support and engagement. As Corporate Counsel, Naud will provide first level support of legal and contract work and serve as liaison to external legal counsel to Dynapower.

renee naud the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Counsel Dynapower Company Vermont

“Given the increasingly global and technical nature of our growing business, we are excited to have Renee as part of the Dynapower team,” said Adam Knudsen, President of Dynapower. “As a proven business leader, talent manager, and corporate counsel, her skill set will not only provide an important link between our internal engineering and sales teams and our outside legal counsels, but will help Dynapower stay on the forefront of talent recruitment, retention, and development at our facilities in Vermont and California. As we negotiate international deals and build upon our rich base of intellectual property, Renee will be key in assisting Dynapower in the growing global market.”

Prior to joining Dynapower, Naud had a 17-year career delivering legal counsel to executive leadership and driving human resources functions and regulatory compliance for a world-leading plastic packaging manufacturer.

“I am excited and honored to be joining the Dynapower team to share and learn from such a dedicated group of people,” said Naud. “From Antarctica to Qatar to Alaska, I am impressed to see the scope of Dynapower and its products and services. My passion for manufacturing makes me proud to work for a company that has managed to create world-class technology locally, and succeed on a global scale. I am very excited to contribute to Dynapower’s team and mission.”

Some of Naud’s notable previous career accomplishments include integrating the human resources department into everyday business practices, maintaining accountability standards, and providing legal and professional guidance to companies competing on the global market. “My goal for Dynapower is to be as successful as possible, with the human resources and legal departments contributing value directly to the short and long term strategic and operational objectives of the organization.” said Naud. “The scale and scope of my HR and legal experiences bring something new to Dynapower, and I look forward to applying what I’ve learned and challenging us to build on the great work that has been done both internally and externally.”

Naud was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, completing both her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and her Juris Doctorate at the University of Detroit. She is a licensed member in good standing of both the State of Vermont and Michigan legal bars.  She is a certified instructor trainer of ELI Civility Training, a workplace fair employment practice program, as well as an Instructor for eCornell’s online professional certificate program in Strategic Human Resources Leadership.

She lives in South Hero, Vermont with her partner, Marco. She enjoys beekeeping, baking and cooking as well as traveling and all things horsepower — motorcycling, classic cars, boating, and snowmobiling.

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Matt Paul: Dynapower’s New Sales Manager of After Market Services

Dynapower News Matthew Paul Sales Manager of After Market Services

Dynapower is pleased to announce Matthew Paul’s new position as the Sales Manager of Aftermarket Services. Matthew will provide an enhanced knowledge and understanding of Dynapower’s customer-base and their needs for Aftermarket Services to the business.

“I know Matt will make incredible strides for our Aftermarket Services business at Dynapower,” said Bob Gladden, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Dynapower. “His energy is contagious and his passion for taking care of our customers is second to none.”

Matthew has worked with Dynapower for over 5 years, beginning his career with Dynapower in 2011 on the production floor. He later moved to do work for the Sales and Customer Service departments, improving his knowledge of the Dynapower product, product applications, and customer needs. “I could not be happier or more excited for Matt,” said Scott Kerner, the Vice President of Sales at Dynapower. “Matt’s experience, ranging from having built our products to selling the parts and services that support them, puts Matt in a great position to drive growth and serve our customers. I look forward to seeing him succeed in this role and beyond with Dynapower.”

Some of Mr. Paul’s notable initiatives at the company include customer service operations, preventative care and maintenance programs, long-term service agreements, and spare parts sales. When asked about his time at Dynapower, Matthew said, “I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to grow and be mentored within this business. It has cultivated my understanding of our product and the power electronics markets. Dynapower is a business that values its team and is always looking forward.”

Matthew will take his extensive experience in the service industry to further support customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the Dynapower product. In addition, he emphasizes that this will be done to the same scale as Dynapower’s product reach, that is, globally. “Dynapower is making a commitment to customer support and service through the lifecycle of our products, and to expand on our current foundation of service and support,” said Mr. Paul. “I look forward to being at the forefront of that initiative with our team, working with our customers globally, to adapt to fit their needs.”

Matthew Paul of New Haven, Vermont is a former collegiate athlete and semi-professional football player. He is married with 2 children. Mr. Paul graduated from Lyndon State College with a B.S. in Music, Business and Industry.

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Ernest Bragg Joins Dynapower’s Industrial Sales Team

Dynapower News Industrial Sales Team

Dynapower is pleased to announce the addition of Ernest Bragg III to the Industrial Sales Team. Ernest will lead and manage customer accounts in the South East region of the United States’ industrial market. Mr. Bragg will provide a fresh perspective to the sales department with his experience and expertise in customer operations and sales support initiatives.

“Ernie has a very comprehensive understanding of Dynapower,” said Dev Massimi, the head Sales Manager for the Industrial Systems Department. “Having worked with us for many years, I am excited to see him take on this integral role in the sales team. His customer operations experience, combined with his detail-oriented mentality, will ensure that our customers will continue to receive the world-class service that our company is known for.”

Ernest’s father has worked with Dynapower for over 26 years as a team leader on the shop floor. Ernest began his career with Dynapower in 2011. Since then, he has worked in both the Marketing and Sales Departments, supporting various initiatives for all business segments.

Some of Mr. Bragg’s notable initiatives at the company include customer service operations development, supporting the industrial sales team and customer base, and performing industry, product, and market-based research. “Working for Dynapower over the last 6 years has been an incredible experience. During my time, I’m proud to have been a contributing factor to some of the positive changes within the company.” said Bragg. “I have developed a passion for our products and mission through these various initiatives. It makes me proud to work for a company that makes you feel like you are a part of the team and that your work is sincerely appreciated.”

Bragg, a proven customer operations expert, will continue to pull from his diverse business experiences in the industry to provide the same quality of service to the Industrial Sales Department’s current and future customers. When asked how these skills and experiences will leverage Mr. Bragg in his new role, he said, “Transitioning from Customer Operations into a sales role at Dynapower, I’m confident that I can bring a fresh perspective to the customer service aspect of the Sales Department. Having this background, I am excited to continue to assist customers by identifying solutions for their applications, while contributing to the growth of the business by identifying new customers in existing market segments.”

Ernest Bragg of South Burlington, Vermont is a former Vermont High School All-Star Quarterback, offensive MVP, and collegiate football player. He is a graduate of Castleton University with B.S. in Business Administration.


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Mark DeSantis Joins Dynapower as Senior Industrial Sales Engineer

Dynapower is pleased to announce the hiring of Mark DeSantis as senior sales engineer for Industrial Sales. DeSantis, a proven sales professional in the electro-mechanical industries, brings over 30 years of experience in sales and business development.

Dynapower News Sales Engineer

“With Mark’s tremendous background in selling highly technical products and proven results, we are all very excited to have Mark join the Dynapower team,” said Dev Massimi, Industrial Sales Manager. “Mark will be a key direct point of contact for our customers guiding their projects, and providing Dynapower customers with the excellent level of service and support that Dynapower is known for.”

DeSantis for his part is excited about the opportunity as well. “My goal is to increase sales, but more importantly to strengthen our relationship with present and future customers,” said DeSantis, a married father of two from Detroit, Michigan. “I am looking forward to sharing my experience in helping build teams and product lines with my new colleagues at Dynapower. With the the new products we are introducing and the evolving industrial markets its an exciting time to be a part of the Dynapower team.”

DeSantis is a graduate of Northwood University with degrees in business management and business administration.

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Dynapower Names Dev Massimi Industrial Sales Manager

Dynapower News Industrial Sales Manager

Dynapower is pleased to announce the promotion of Dev Massimi to Industrial Sales Manager at Dynapower. Massimi will lead the Industrial Sales team in continuing to provide customers with a valuable Dynapower sales experience and solutions while opening new markets worldwide for Dynapower’s SCR Rectifiers and Switchmode Power Supplies.

“Dev’s knowledge of our key industrial markets and customers is a major strength as he takes on this new role,” said Scott Kerner, the Vice President of Sales at Dynapower. “Dev’s entrepreneurial spirit and customer-oriented mindset will be instrumental in helping Dynapower grow in new areas while still taking care of our extensive customer base. I am thrilled to see Dev move into his new position, and I am highly confident in his ability to drive continued success for his team and Dynapower.”

Massimi has been with Dynapower for over 4 years in industrial sales. During his time with Dynapower, he has notably contributed to product development initiatives, customer service and experience programs as well as had remarkable success in product sales. These experiences have allowed him to gain an exceptional understanding of Dynapower products, the industrial markets, and the industry’s customer-base. “Dynapower is a large team of extremely talented individuals. Their dedication to our products, our customers, and each other is unmatched and I am proud to contribute to this mission,” said Massimi.

His dedication to the company lies in his commitment to helping Dynapower grow. “I am excited to be an integral part of the direction that Dynapower is moving in. By working collectively as a team, I am confident that we can continue to provide our customers with our world-class service.”

Dev has a fiancé, Tara, and two dogs, Abby and Mya. He is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Business at Manhattan College with a double major in Business Management and International Business.